I understand that you organise parties for kids, do you do that for adults as well? I want to organise a surprise Combat Skirmish Party for my husband.
Yes of course, we do adult parties as well.

Where do you usually play Combat Skirmish?
We are mobile and we can do this in houses, condominiums, offices or parks. Just let us know where you would like the game to be and we can propose a suitable location nearby.

What happens when it rains?
The game is able to proceed in light rain conditions. In case of heavy downpour, we will wait out under shelter, and if it’s big enough, we can conduct some static games there.

What happens if I want to postpone the event?
You can postpone the event anytime as long as you inform us at least 72 hours in advance. If it’s within 72 hours that you have to postpone it, there will be minimum charge of $200 for the labour and logistics that were planned for already.

If I want to extend another mission on the spot, can you do that?
This will be subjected to the number and frequency of the bookings we have that day. If we can spare some time to organise another mission for you, we will certainly do that. So it’s best that you cater enough missions for your booking. That’s usually 3 missions or more.

Do you have 1st aid trained facilitators on site?
Yes we do. We ensure that we will have at least one trained facilitator on site together with the 1st aid kit.

Can pregnant ladies play Combat Skirmish too?
There are no hard and fast rules on this. We do have some ladies who are pregnant but still want to play Combat Skirmish as it is so fun. We will not stop them but we will advise them to consider carefully before they join in as we will not bear any responsibilities should there be any mishaps.

Do you cater food for parties?
We do not provide food catering, however, we do have drink packages with canned drinks & bottled water should you choose to take this packages up along with you bookings.

I would like some party bags for my son’s guest, can you prepare that?
Yes, we can do that for you. 2 options for you to choose from; you can either have medals for everyone to bring home or have traditional party bags for your party. Just let us know your budget for that we will see if that is possible for us to arrange.

Other than Combat Skirmish games, what else can you do?
We have a few other components within our umbrella, you can go to or or or

Can you do overseas programs?
Yes we can do that but unfortunately, not with the guns. The foreign customs will probably alert their whole police force if they were to see crates of guns being brought over. You can go to to enquire about overseas programs.


How much time in advance would you require us to book?
Our bookings are based on 1st come 1st serve basis and we are usually very busy on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You might like to book a slot for yourself as early as possible.

What are the payment terms?
We only accept cash or cheque payment.

Where should I send the deposit to?
You can mail the cheque deposit to Blk 116 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1655, Singapore 160116

Do you have group discounts?
Yes we have bulk booking discounts, please check out our game prices or contact us with your group size for more details.

How many people can you cater for at one go?
We currently have 110 guns and we can support events with up to 250 people.

What is the minimum number of people required for a booking? I only have 7 people including myself, can we still do this?
We need a minimum of 10 players to start a booking. If you have less than that and would still like to play, you can either pay for 10 people to proceed with the booking or join our Weekday Mania to play Combat Skirmish.

I am an events company and would like to engage your services to run teambuilding program for my clients, do you do that?
Sure! Drop us an enquiry and we’ll be more than glad to work alongside you.

Can we engage Combat Skirmish Staff to play against my team? I want to pitch my team’s tactics with you guys…
Sure you can, book for your number of players and let us know how many opponents (us) you would like to have. Best if you can name some of the familiar faces whom you know but it would be subjected to their availability. Additional charges do apply…


Do you need to very fit to play Combat Skirmish?
It’s totally up to individuals how much they would like to run and exert themselves. Given a gun, you are free to do lots of running and attacking or simply stay at the back to defend. As long as you are contributing to the team’s effort, that’s great!

How do you know when you get shot?
There is a computerised system within every gun. When you’re shot, the gun will produce an “OUCH” sound and your sensors will blink. The display screen on the guns will also reflect 1 life lost.

How long does each mission last?
Normal generic missions will last about 15 to 20min. If there are certain customised advance missions, it might take longer.

So is it just brainless shooting during a typical game?
Of course not! We have tons of missions in our library and each mission is designed for different purposes of teambuilding or bonding programs. It can be really simple ones with lots of visible actions or some others where stealth is the key to accomplish objectives.

Do you register individual scores?
We can do that but we rather not. Combat Skirmish is a team sport and we want to build teams. Having individual scores will defeat the purpose of such team games and the person with the least score will look bad.

Are the equipment very heavy?
No, we only make you wear a light-weight harness system with sensors attached and the gun of course. No masks, no headgear and no heavy armour required. Our youngest player is 5 years old (using metal guns) so everyone else should not have any problems regarding the weight of the guns. Furthermore, we’ve recently added lightweight pistols to our arsenal, catering specially for younger kids below the age of 6.

I have played Laser Quest before, the weapons don’t work that well even in dark rooms. Can your guns shoot that far as stated in the website in broad daylight?
Forget about laser quest, our equipment are much more improved and sophisticated. We take pride in providing top class equipment for our players.

I have seen laser shooting guns which are rubbery and kiddish, are your equipment like that as well? I had bad experiences with them…
No, please go to our laser tag weapons page and you will have an eye-opener on the kind of equipment we carry.