HalloWOWeen Laser Tag Shootout

Happy HalloWOWeen!!!

Sign yourself and your partner up for a spooktacular LASER TAG and COSTUME competition! 

The preliminary round will be held every evening from the 26th to 30th of October. 5 different pairs will face off for an intense laser tag battle! Winners of each day during the preliminary period will then get to play in the final round on Halloween Day, the 31st of October 2021

A ONE-NIGHT STAYCATION at a mystery hotel awaits the champions!

Not only that, this is also a BEST DRESSED COMPETITION! On the day of the preliminary round, make sure to dress up in your best Halloween costume for a chance to win a $100 DINING CREDIT at a selected restaurant/ pub.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Only one person will need to sign up for the pair through Google Form (HalloWOWeen Registration Form).
  2. Choose a date (from 26 to 30 October) to play for the preliminary round. Date is subject to availability. 
  3. Registration fee is $20 per pair. This can be paid via PayNow (UEN: 200515269ZUOB)Combat Skirmish Singapore Pte Ltd. Please screenshot your payment as a proof of transfer. We may request for it.
  4. On the day of your preliminary battle, COME IN YOUR BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME! A photo will be taken and uploaded on our Facebook page. Pair with the most number of LIKES wins! Winners will be announced at 12PM on 8 November, Monday. This shall give all contestants enough time to gather as many likes as they can on our Facebook page before the cut-off time! 

All laser tag games will be held at 8:00PM each evening. Contestants will be informed of the actual game locations 24 hours before the start of battle. 

Registration for this event will end on 22 October 2021. 

So what are you waiting for?? Come and join this epic Halloween laser tag and costume battle NOW!

Brought to you by COMBAT SKIRMISH SINGAPORE, a subsidiary of The WOW Experience Pte Ltd.


  • Familiarisation Round: You will be playing a traditional mission called Team Death Match, as a familiarisation game to start. The objective of the game will be to familiarise yourself with your gears and how the game play works.
  • You will start with 8 health points (HP) each. If you’re out of lives, go back to your base and respawn back into the mission. This mission will be 20 minutes, so get ready to tag out as many players as you can!
  • Competition Round: You will be playing a well-known mission called Battle Royale. Last team standing, with the most health and hit points (consolidated) will be the Champion for the night.
  • You will start with 15 health points (HP) each. If you’re out of lives, you are out of the game. To make the game fair and ensure no camping throughout by players, you will need to score a minimum of 5 hits per gun, in order for you to be eligible to contribute to the scoring for your team.
  • How to Win: We will be adding the number of health points and hit points on the gun. The team with the most number of consolidated health & hit points from both players will be crowned the Champion for that night. If there is a tie, we will run a tie-breaker game to determine the winner, to move on to the finale round.

SMM Protocols: You will be allocated a spot in the venue to act as your base and to adhere with the new COVID-19 safety measures. All pairs have to be 2m apart OR you are not allowed to cross over a boundary. You will have to keep your mask on BEFORE & AFTER the mission. Only during the mission are you allowed to remove your mask as you are doing strenuous activity. Guns and equipment are sanitized and you are not allowed to interchange or switch out your gear with another player.